Monday, 7 March 2016

Sending Hugs

One of the reasons I love making and sending cards is that it lets people that I care about know that I'm thinking of them.

I needed to make a some Hugs-in-a-card recently. Come and see what I made...

I wanted a sympathy card that wasn't too traditional or morbid for a friend who had just lost her elderly father after a long illness.

I used a set called Sheltering Tree, which has seen a lot of use in autumn colours and spring flowers. This time I just wanted the bare tree, and added butterflies in coordinating blues.

At the same time, I had a friend going through a rough time. I lightened the card up a bit by using coordinating pinks, purples with a touch of blue.

Same card, but the colours made a big difference. Both friends loved their card - it reminded them that even though I can't do anything to help fix things, I'm thinking of them and sending hugs. And sometimes that is enough.

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